Coco Chanel: A New Portrait by Marion Pike, Paris 1967-71

Please note: this exhibition runs from 5th September- 16th November.

Coco Chanel: A New Portrait by Marion Pike, Paris 1967-71 is a new exhibition that explores the life stories, friendships and entwined creativity of two, extraordinarily talented, twentieth century women.

Californian artist Marion Pike met Coco Chanel when she painted her portrait in 1967. The story of their friendship – revealed here for the first time – provides a fascinating new narrative. Marion was a superb colourist, whose paintings – many monumental in size – are both sensitive and exuberant. The exhibition includes five striking portraits of Chanel – which have never before been exhibited together, in addition to beautiful haute couture fashion pieces worn by Marion and her daughter Jeffie.

All of the exhibits have been lent by Jeffie Pike Durham, who has become her mother’s archivist. She met Coco in 1968. It was an unforgettable, affirmative experience. This is also Jeffie’s story… It is the objects that she has so carefully preserved, contextualised by her memories, which have made this extraordinary exhibition possible.

Curated by LCF’s Professor Amy de la Haye.

Main Image Courtesy of Jeffie Pike Durham: Marion and Coco pose together with ‘Coco Chanel – Big Head’ painted by Marion, 1967. Photographer unknown.