Where Have All the Bootboys Gone? Skinhead Style and Graphic Subcultures

Please note that this exhibition runs from Wednesday 23 October – Saturday 2 November.

Looking at the historical and cultural origins of skinhead identity, from its 1960s British roots to contemporary global interpretations of the subculture, this new exhibition at the London College of Communication places a specific focus on the visual manifestations of skinhead style – in dress, illustration, graphic design, photography, media and publishing – together with its links to music genres, football, politics and class.

Key themes explored include:
• Origins: 1960s Mods and Skinheads
• 1960s Ska, Rocksteady and Bluebeat
• 1970s Suedeheads and Bootboys
• 1970s and 1980s Punk, Hardcore, Oi!, Skunx and Street Punk
• 2 Tone and the Ska Revival
• Class, Politics and Race – Neo Nazis, SHARP and RASH
• Gender and Sexuality
• Media Appropriation
• Contemporary Global Skinhead Identities

The event includes material from collectors of skinhead artefacts, including Toby Mott, Toast and Gavin Watson and contributions from Garry Bushell, Matt Worley, Ana Raposo, Russ Bestley, Tom Vague and Shaun Cole.

Exhibition Curator Toby Mott
Creative Director Russ Bestley

Private View & Symposium will be held on Wednesday 23 October, 5-9pm.
To RSVP: https://bootboys.eventbrite.co.uk.

Main image credit: Image taken from front cover of the Last Resort shop catalogue circa 1980. Design by Mick Furbank, photography Martin Dean.